How I Automated my Network Marketing Business?

network marketing Jul 20, 2021

I started network marketing business in traditional mode, where there were no proper systems in place to do business. I had no idea what my work routine should be at that time . I also started talking to people on Bus-stands, Malls & metros. I started approaching old friends and relatives. In fact, I was bothering them which I felt later. It doesn't cost much money but it took me a lot of time. Entire business was physically dependent on me. I didn't have any on-boarding system and training system for the new & existing team members.

I was frustrated with this way of working because I was from IT Industry, a corporate job (HCL) where I have always witnessed a system of working but I couldn't find it here.   

Major Twist: I was about to leave network marketing but after having a discussion with my father, I realised something really mind-opening. 

He said "If you are not able to do this Business, that means YOU are not able to do it " Booommmm !!!!! Read it again.

Don't blame anybody. Not the company. Not the upline. Not the products. You are failure or success, only YOU are responsible.

With his advice, I understood that I need to make changes in my business, not change the business. 

This advice changed my mindset. I am naturally a curious person, so I started observing what successful network marketing professionals are doing in other countries. I found that they are using digital marketing skills to build network marketing business. This made me keen to know more about it.  

I found:

  • They were not doing home meetings or seminars or 3-way calls on the phone.
  • They were not even bothering their friends & relatives. I must say, I was so relieved when I discovered this because I really wanted this and I know you would also want this.
  • They had a system in place, through which they were generating & nurturing leads automatically which eventually helped them to build a relation with them by establishing trust & likability factor.
  • They had a proper onboarding system and a proper training system for downline so that they become independent, as duplication is a myth. We all are unique, so we can't duplicate people, but we can create a culture where people can become independent. 
  • Through this system, their intention was to create more time for themselves and be super effective at money making activities. They just wanted to automate their recurring work. 

When I first started network marketing business, I approached people who “needed” what I had to offer.    

So, what was the problem in that? 

They didn’t WANT it… 

Then i chose not to approach people AT ALL anymore. I had my FUNNELS to do it for me.  

So, how did I do it? 

Long story short, after doing market research, I came across a person named Siddharth Rajsekhar (sidz) who is one of the leading Digital Marketers of India. Under his mentorship, I learned Digital Marketing skills and I applied those in my Network Marketing Business. I learned about lead generation system, where the biggest problem of our business got solved, "Log Kaha se Milenge" (hindi) or How to find more people (English). 

I also learned about how to make Landing pages, thank you pages, Email marketing & automation (to nurture leads and build relation), auto team training through mobile apps & much more.  

After having understood everything, I was skeptical . Will all these work in my network marketing business?  

The answer I found was, YES . It really worked. But don't get intimidated with these terms, it's really very simple to understand, when you actually start implementing it. 

To implement this, I used a tool called, KAJABI (one tool to systematise entire business), but don't worry, everything can be done without kajabi also, which I have discussed in detail in my DNA program. 

After implementing everything, i found, this system: 

  1. Saves a-lot of time & energy  
  2. Gives direction to prospects  
  3. Generate quality leads  
  4. Helps complete management of business with just one-click 
  5. Makes it easy to retarget prospects. 

So, this was just an overview, how I automated my network marketing business with proper systems and how I am doing this business professionally full-time to achieve time freedom & off course, financial stability & security.  

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Hopefully, that was helpful to you.

Tarun Agarwal

Post written by: Vikram Khandelwal