Why Direct Cold Messaging Don’t Work for Lead Generation in Network Marketing?

network marketing Jul 23, 2021

I want you to imagine this, if a stranger randomly messaged you on instagram or facebook

Hello sir/mam, your profile looks amazing. Do you want to make some extra income of around Rs 25k from home? The  company is 25 years old & 0% investment ,no risk. You can achieve time and financial freedom

What would you do ?  

Simply ignore ..right ? so would i …..

Now , the question is , what’s the Problem here ?

The problem is, when you are cold messaging someone with no prior relationship or value addition to their lives, they become suspicious and skeptical about you. They don’t trust and like you. And also, they might think, they will also have to do the same thing, when they start working with you .

Remember, “People love to buy, but hate to be sold “.

You also don’t want to be sold, i don’t want to be sold, we love to think that we are the decision makers.

So , What’s the solution ?

First we need to understand that, How they join is more important than, to whom or what they join. The frame of mind of your prospect before joining is extremely critical. 

When it comes to LEAD GENERATION instead of cold messaging, we should focus on MARKETING. In "Network Marketing “, we miss out on focusing on Marketing, which is a foundational skill for business. 

Phone calls and messages can be a great CONVERSION tool after Marketing.  Because through Marketing, you get your prospect to a stage, where he raises hand and says , 

“ I want to know or learn more about it “ 

( How to market yourself and your business  in 2021, is discussed in very detail in our DNA program, where you will get step by step process, systems & implementable strategies.) 

Few more tips, if you are cold messaging or calling your prospects, then keep in mind following points:

  • Do your research first before calling someone (like full name, social media profiles, linkedin profile, industry, profession etc ). Then you call them, act as if you are getting back to them.
  • Try to get inbound calls of strangers, instead of Outbound calls. What I mean is, make your funnels in such a way that you are talking to only those who are pre-qualified, pre-interested and pre-motivated. This makes conversion easier.

(Thinking , How to do it? Discussed in our DNA program)

Super important takeaways :

  1. Use Social media marketing &  personal branding  to generate leads & then call or message them to convert.
  2. Sales is the only work in Business which brings in revenue and it is majorly dependent on Marketing.
  3. In sales, you are not selling products or services , you are selling TRUST.

[Bulb on moment : When you call or message them, you are a salesperson, but when they call or message you, you are an Expert. So focus on MARKETING]

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I hope you found this blog helpful. Keep reading and keep Learning.

Written by: Vikram Khandelwal